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Military Transfer Credits

King University offers a free evaluation of military training and experience for college credit. All credit granted for military training is given based on the American Council on Education (ACE) guide recommendations. To request an official evaluation of your military experience and training for college credit, please request an official transcript using the links below. Official transcripts are all that is needed to complete your military evaluation. (Please do not send in any medal certificates, letters of appreciation, or any other awards & certificates.)

Official military transcripts may be requested online, by clicking on the applicable link below.

Attention all Army students. If you are having difficulty obtaining any of your military documents, please log on to Army Knowledge Online.

Note: If you served in the military prior to the year 1981 then you may submit a copy of your DD214, 2-1, 2A, or DD295 for an evaluation.

If you have any questions about what to send, please contact our Military Evaluations Coordinator at

For transcript evaluations, please send transcripts to

Please send all military documentation to