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Ben Blessing

    • Graduation Year: 2009
    • Major: Masters of Business Administration – Finance
    • Hometown: Bristol, Tenn.
    • Activities: Spending time with my wife and three kids
    • Interests: Pretty much anything fast

Favorite quote: “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds” Psalms 147:3
Favorite book: “Wild at Heart”
Favorite music: exciting and intense styles: techno, trap, dubstep, etc.
Favorite movie(s): The Indiana Jones Franchise
Favorite past-time: NAPS!

Tell us about yourself. I am 29 years old and have an exceptional wife and 3 wonderful children. My career began when I started a non-profit race team supporting Fallen Heroes as well as working in pharmaceuticals managing mergers and acquisitions and a marketing manager. I moved into the production side of pharmaceuticals for a few years before returning to my real desire, marketing.

Why did you choose King? The school was extremely convenient but was also willing to work around my intense work schedule. I wanted a class setting but didn’t have the ability to attend every night.

What did you like best about King? The teachers worked around my work schedule. They respected the fact that we all had full time jobs and most had families. They were as dedicated to teaching as we were to getting our degrees.

If you have taken college courses or have received a degree prior to entering King’s GPS program, list the school and area of study (or degree/major/concentration). East Tennessee State University, BBA Finance

How have things changed for you since receiving your degree from King? Did you progress in your current career or will this degree possibly lead to a new career path? Having my MBA allowed me to get past the age gap I experienced in my business world. I was fairly young and spent a lot of time explaining my talents and credentials. Once my MBA was obtained, most of those discussions stopped and I was able to proceed throughout my career.

What advice do you have for other working adults considering the GPS program? It is only 1 night a week. I understand most of us have family and other responsibilities, but it is only 1 night. With proper time management and scheduling, there is no excuse.

What reaction did you have from family and coworkers when you went back to school? They were all very supportive.

How did the GPS program class schedule worked for you – 1 night/day per week for approximately 16 months? The schedule worked absolutely great. With proper time management, the schedule fit perfectly into my life.

Does your class schedule allow you the freedom and time to manage work and family responsibilities well? Absolutely, it takes you making the active decision to do the work, but no class was extremely overwhelming.

What was your favorite class? Corporate Finance

Who has influenced you the most? The person that has influenced me most in life is my father and in my career my uncle. Both of these men has guided me through my trials whether it be work or life related.

What do you think sets King apart from other schools? King is set apart from other schools because of the availability of the program to assist with working professionals in obtaining their MBA.