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Chase Arndt

    • Graduation Year: 2008
    • Major: Chemistry and Youth Ministry
    • Hometown: Chattanooga, Tenn.
    • Activities: SLACK Outdoor Coordinator, Resident Assistant, Ultimate Frisbee Club Captain, Intramural Sports, Mission Trips to Kenya, Teachers Assistant, NSOC, FCA, Liston Devos, Outdoors Activities at King (OAK), Coats for Kids, Boys and Girls Club of America, and Rivers Way Outdoor Camp
    • Interests: Youth, stories, culture, anthropology, conversations, relationships, travel

Favorite quote(s): “The Place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the worlds deep hunger meet." Frederick Buechner
Favorite book(s): Of Mice and Men, Jayber Crow
Favorite music: Bombadil, Annabelle’s Curse, Avett Brothers, Josh Ritter
Favorite movie(s): Harvey, Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid, Hitch
Favorite past-time: Sports (kayaking, backpacking, skiing, ultimate Frisbee, soccer, off-roading, just getting outside!)

What have you been doing since graduating from King? Master’s degree at Columbia International University in Intercultural Studies; Transitional Teaching License through the Masters of Education Program at King; taught at the Academy at King, and adjunct at King University; area coordinator of Liston hall for a year; various mission trips to Kenya; got married; taught at Radford City Schools in Radford, Va.; moved to Kenya.

What are your career goals, both short- and long-term? Short-term - Working along Maasai pastors and youth, doing trainings from oral Bible story telling to theological trainings, farming trainings, well and clean water repair, appropriate technologies, and working with students in varying capacities. Long-term to facilitate and incorporate missions in Kenya with students and an university in the states to teach Anthropology and Missions by immersion as well as serving others in a cross cultural context.

How do you feel King prepared you for your chosen career path? The amazing professors that I had took a personal interest in my life, challenged my spiritual growth and development, and academic achievement. It was great professors such as Dr. Richard Moyer, Dr. James McClanahan, Dr. Craig McDonald, Dan Kreiss, Dr. Fred Foy Strang that helped shape my heart towards missions and service, and following where God has called.

What is your definition of success? Rudyard Kiplings- “If” – To follow faithfully to the places He has called me. To be a little less like me and a little more like Him.

Why did you choose King? The tight knit community of students, and the interest taken by faculty in the students lives.

What sets King apart from other schools? The professors and their commitment to their students are inspiring; also, the faith, culture and learning integration.

Which professors and staff members had the greatest impact on you and why? Dan Kreiss, Richard Moyer, Craig McDonald, James McClanahan, Fred Foy Strang

Each of them took a personal interest in my both my spiritual and academic life. Came along side me and helped to teach me what it meant to be a grown person and serve in the places they had been called. While that looked very different within each of their lives it was apparent who was working through them.

Were you involved in extracurricular activities at King? What was your most rewarding and why? Probably the service opportunities from Boys and Girls Club, Coats for Kids, and mission trips to Kenya. They taught me what it was to serve and love others.

What is your favorite memory of King? The variety of mischief and shenanigans many of my friends pulled on each other and the hiking trips and adventures we embarked on there. I would say the community of believers and the variety of ways we “fellowshipped” with one another, as well as the amazing roommate and friend, Ben Ferguson, who kept me accountable through it all.

Did you study abroad or participate in mission trips? Where? How were they beneficial? The mission trips to Kenya opened my eyes to serving in a cross-cultural context.

Did you utilize the Career Services/Career Success Center at King? How was it beneficial to you? Yes, Donna Felty and I were quite good friends with all the many times I have visited her over the years! In fact, I believe it was even her and Bronson Pasko that first helped me connect to River’s Way.

Do you have a message to students relative to their own journey? Take every opportunity; get involved with everything. I did not always enjoy everything I did, but I tried just about all of it, and a lot of it stuck, shaping me into who I am now and who I will become.