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Emily Parton

    • Graduation Year: 2015
    • Major: Master of Business Administration - Human Resources and Management
    • Hometown: Fall Branch, Tenn.
    • Activities: Secretary of Gray Community Chest, volunteer at local schools and church
    • Interests: Fitness

Favorite quote: We are all in this together.
Favorite book: Bible
Favorite music: Country
Favorite movie(s): Pure Country and God's Not Dead
Favorite past-time: Scrapbooking and family time

Why did you apply for King’s College Dream contest? I couldn't tell my kids to receive a college degree when I didn't have one. I always wanted to finish my degree.

What was it like to win the College Dream contest? Words can't express how it felt when God answered this prayer. I still look back and can't believe it.

How has winning the College Dream contest affected your life? I have gained more confidence and I know my future is bright! I have more opportunities for advancement at my current job.

Why did you choose King? I loved the Christian atmosphere

What did you like best about King? Small class sizes and more one-on-one time

If you have taken college courses or have received a degree prior to entering King’s GPS program, list the school and area of study (or degree/major/concentration). Northeast State Community College - Computer Science

How have things changed for you beginning your degree program at King? Have you progressed in your current career or will this degree possibly lead to a new career path? I have advanced in my current job by taking on more responsibilities.

What advice do you have for other working adults considering the GPS program? I would tell them to quit putting it off and go back to school. The sky is the limit and they won't regret it.

What reaction did you have from family and coworkers when you went back to school? I had a lot of support and love. I couldn't have asked for anything more but it is priceless when my kids tell me they are proud of me.

How did the GPS program class schedule worked for you – 1 night/day per week for approximately 16 months? The schedule was great and the one night a week worked out more amazing than I thought it would especially since my husband works shift work and we have 4 teenagers

Does your class schedule allow you the freedom and time to manage work and family responsibilities well? Yes

What was your favorite class? My HR classes

Who has influenced you the most? My family

What is your favorite memory of King? Walking across the stage and receiving my diploma for my BBA

What do you think sets King apart from other schools? Different programs, size of classes, and professors that care.

If you have completed you bachelor’s degree with King since winning, have you considered continuing with your education (i.e. master’s degree)? If so, where and what degree program? MBA with King; I graduated with my MBA in May 2015!!!!!