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Cassandra “KC” Curberson-Alvarado

    • Graduation Year: 2015
    • Major: Master of Business Administration
    • Hometown: Morristown, Tenn.
    • Activities: Church leader, social services volunteer, avid reader, and crafter
    • Interests: Reading, dancing, cooking, crafting

Favorite quote: “Purpose disciplines your behavior and chooses your habits.”-Dr. Myles Munroe
Favorite book(s): Anything by J. California Cooper
Favorite music: Neo Soul, Jazz, Christian Rap
Favorite movie(s): I have too many!
Favorite past-time: Relaxing, watching a movie with my family

Why did you choose King? I chose King because of the convenience it provided me to work, be with my family, and still obtain a credible degree.

What did you like best about King? The staff at King are so attentive. I feel like I am part of the school, even though I rarely go to campus.

If you have taken college courses or have received a degree prior to entering King’s GPS program, list the school and area of study (or degree/major/concentration). University of Phoenix, Criminal Justice, associate degrees

How have things changed for you since receiving your degree from King? Since receiving my degree, I have moved into a purposeful career that I could not have obtained without a degree.

Did you progress in your current career or will this degree possibly lead to a new career path? Yes, the degree led to a new career path.

What advice do you have for other working adults considering the GPS program? Try this program if you ever wanted a degree, but time has stopped you. This program is laid out to accommodate your life, but still gives you an education the same as sitting in a traditional classroom. It’s amazing!

What reaction did you have from family and coworkers when you went back to school? My family is supportive. They know my drive. They watch our son when I have finals, or my husband will cook if I have a timed test, etc. It’s allowed us to lean on each other more. It’s made us stronger.

How did the GPS program class schedule worked for you – 1 night/day per week for approximately 16 months? I attended online and I am online about 4 days a week, while reading about two. Some classes take more focus such as math courses, while others like HR come easy as I work in Workforce Development.

Does your class schedule allow you the freedom and time to manage work and family responsibilities well? Yes, it allows me to be flexible. I have and had jobs that require travel. I have been in Vegas taking my final or on an airplane going to Chicago studying. I never miss a beat as long as I have internet access.

What was your favorite class? Strategic Marketing

Who has influenced you the most? Nancy Beverly is my biggest cheerleader at King. We are in a few organizations together and when she sees me she always praises me and motivates me. My next would be my husband. When I get frustrated by a subject, he works with me to find the answers, prays with me, or will do what he can to give me the help I need.

What is your favorite memory of King? Walking across that stage in May. They handed me my diploma, a bible, and I walked into my husband’s arms immediately. It was the best non-stated “well done” I could have received. So many times I have set out to start something and do not complete it, but this time I did. Amen.

What do you think sets King apart from other schools? King cares. It wants you to succeed and makes every effort to help you. I have had staff answer emails at odd hours or work all day to find me a simple answer. They know me when I arrive on campus and treat me just the same as a traditional student.