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An Alaskan Work Experience

Article by Alexander Choyce, Kay-See-An Photographer/Graphic Designer

Canaan Loope uses a torch to replace a piece of iron within a gold mineANCHORAGE, Alaska, October 2017 – Canaan Loope, sophomore, spent his summer ‘on the other side of the world.’

“I was given the opportunity to work in Alaska for an entire summer. Originally, I was planning to intern, but my plans fell through, and I began to apply for jobs within the area.”

When Loope first arrived in Alaska, he stayed with his family for three days.

“Fortunately, Conam Construction (the company I would be employed with throughout my summer experience) paid for my entire hotel stay. By the end of August, my hotel bill would have been over $100,000,” Loope said.

He said his job mainly involved manual and general labor. Conam Construction specializes in oil and gas refinery, as well as mining excavations. CIC tanks are mainly used to dissolve rocks that can lead to the mining/excavation of gold.

“My Alaskan experience was like learning another language. Learning construction terms was difficult, I but I enjoyed learning new things every day,” stated Loope. “On the other hand, when I first got to Alaska it was quite cold (as expected), but I eventually got used to it.”

“The hardest part was sleeping during the day. It would be one o’clock in the morning and the sun would still be up,” said Loope. “In conclusion, the best part of this experience allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone.”