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Features of The Learning Commons


Interactive Mobile Technology Classroom

King University Mobile Technology ClassroomUtilizing tablets and bring your own devices (BYOD), students are encouraged to interact with and present content during the educational process.

Active Learning Classroom

Active Learing ClassroomEquipped with a Promethean interactive whiteboard, Active Expression response units and a document camera, students are able to instantly respond to poll questions and provide feedback to the instructor.

Dynamic Seating Classroom

Dynamic Seating ClassroomFlexible seating for this room allows students to dynamically form small groups while content is displayed and archived on the Smart interactive whiteboard.


Science Lab with Interactive Portable Recording Capabilities

Science Lab with Interactive Portable Recording CapabilitiesTo enhance instruction in the sciences this room has full lab functionality.  When paired with portable recording equipment, science faculty can develop presentations focusing on experiments for use in online instruction.

One-Button Studio

One-Button StudioAs its name indicates, the One-Button Studio allows presenters to record presentations with the push of a button.  The highly automated design of this room equips instructors of all technical levels with the ability to produce first class video content.

Group Based Learning Classroom

Group Based Learning ClassroomCollaboration and teamwork is the focus of this area.  Students or faculty can group around one of the large displays to produce content, tutor small groups or conduct planning meetings.

Course Design

Course DesignThe heart of the Learning Commons is the creative staff. Our course design team works together to produce courses that are multi-dimensional, engaging and interactive.

Conference Room

Conference RoomEquipped with a Smart TV, webcam, centralized microphone, and a conference phone this room provides a comfortable, interactive meeting space.